Winter daisies - how it works

Winter daisies - how it works

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Daisies with their brilliant, bright flowers are at home in almost all gardens. Your will to bloom is preserved if it is well wintered.

Winter care is also important for a healthy daisy blossom.

The daisy with its white flower heads is one of the best known and most popular summer flowers in almost every garden. It can be set up as a potted plant or sown in the bed. The daisy family can be brought well over the winter. A little care is required to be able to enjoy its blossoms again in the following year.

Off to the house when winter comes

As soon as the first night frost arrives, at the latest at the end of October, it is time to bring your daisies into the house. Most daisies that grow in the bed are winter hardy and can safely survive the cold season outdoors. Balcony or potted plants, however, must be quartered in the conservatory or in another cool room.

Making daisies winter-proof - explained step by step

➤ Step 1: For the winter quarters, first cut off all withered shoots and flowers. The plant is then trimmed. You should not be too timid. The daisy can be shortened to a hand's width.

➤ Step 2: Now place the pot in a bright, cool room. A non-heated winter garden is well suited for this, but a bright stairway or a greenhouse with heating are also ideal places for wintering.

" Important: Please note that the temperatures are between 5 and 10 ° C.

➤ Step 3: You must not stop pouring either. The plant only needs a little water every two weeks, but it shouldn't dry out. It is best to remove withered leaves.

When the temperatures rise again from the end of March to the beginning of April, you can place the daisy pot outside for hours in the sunshine. Be sure to bring it back into the house in the evening, as it is still very cold at night. Now you can water your daisies a little more and more regularly.

From the middle of May, the daisies can take their place outside and finally back on the terrace or on the balcony.