Cutting onions - 6 tips against tears

Cutting onions - 6 tips against tears

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Burning and watery eyes when cutting onions? Not with our tips. With these little tricks, cutting onions is finally fun and your eyes stay dry.

It works without tears

Onions belong to many dishes, they not only give them a hint of spiciness, but also ensure a great aroma.

But cutting onions is not entirely without. This is not about cutting the vegetables themselves, but rather about the side effects such as tears in the eyes and smell on the hands.

But there are also solutions for this, so no one in the kitchen has to do without onions. You can also cut onions in different ways. We present the individual variants to you here.

Avoid tears when cutting

The greatest difficulty in cutting the onions is to do it without shedding tears if possible. The essential oils in the onions are released during cutting and rise up into the eyes. Depending on how hot the onions are, you have to cry more and less.

There are several ways to avoid the tears when cutting. Not everyone works for everyone, you just have to find the best solution for yourself.

✓ Tip 1: glasses provide protection
Sometimes it is enough to wear glasses when slicing onions, it is even better if you buy simple swimming goggles. This seals perfectly all around and does not allow any evaporation to pass through. It may look stupid, but tears will no longer run down your cheeks.

✓ Tip 2: Onion and water combined
You can also put the onion in cold water just before cutting or in the freezer for a few minutes. It is often enough, depending on how sensitive you are, when you moisten the cutting board. Do not wipe off afterwards, of course.

✓ Tip 3: A sharp knife is the be-all and end-all
When cutting onions, it is extremely important that the knife is very sharp. With blunt knives, tears are more likely. And then do not press when cutting, but pull the knife.

✓ Tip 4: liquid in the mouth
Many swear by putting some water in their mouths and keeping it in while cutting. You won't be able to talk to each other while you are doing this, but tears won't roll anymore. Instead of water, it can of course also be a sip of wine or beer. 😉

✓ Tip 5: The optimal place
Where do you cut your onions? Clear on the free work surface. Try it under the switched-on extractor hood. So the essential oils can go right out.

✓ Tip 6: Breathe properly
If you are not quite as vulnerable, you can suppress the little tears with the right breathing technique. Just breathe in and out through your mouth while cutting and don't shed any more tears.

The smell of onions

The smell of the onion can stick to your hands for a few more days after cutting. You can find special “soaps” made of stainless steel in the shops. (Here cheap at Amazon) This neutralizes the smell of onion smells under running water. A cheap alternative is to rub a spoon between your hands while washing.

Other options would be to rub the palms of your hands with damp salt or lemon juice.

Cutting onions made easy - 2 variants presented

Dice the onions

First the onion is carefully peeled, then cut in half lengthways from the root to the tip. However, the root of the onion is not removed. Then place one half with the cut surface down on a cutting board, the fingertips resting slightly bent on the onion to fix it.

You can then easily guide the knife along the limbs of your fingers. First, carefully cut the onion half into strips, but only until just before the root, which should still hold the onion together. Now the onion is cut three times horizontally, again until just before the root. Finally, cut the onion across the grain and it will break down into fine cubes all by itself.

Cut the onions into rings

First the onion is carefully removed from the skin. Then remove the leek and cut the onion into evenly thick slices. The individual layers of the onion form the rings. So all you have to do is push them apart.

" Tip: If you want to eat the rings raw, they should be about 1 mm wide, they can also be a little wider for frying or deep-frying.