Store celery - so you have something from it all winter

Store celery - so you have something from it all winter

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Celery is one of the types of vegetables that can be stored without any problems. For an optimal result, the storage temperature is not entirely irrelevant.

Cut the celery into small pieces before freezing

Like most tuber and root vegetable varieties, celeriac can also be stored for months after harvesting from the garden.

If you buy celery in the supermarket or on the market, you can even enjoy it for some time without loss of quality if it is stored correctly. However, there are a few things to consider.

From the garden to the basement - small instructions

If you want to store the home-grown celery over the winter, it is best to harvest the tubers on a dry day. But harvesting is not enough. Before the celery gets to the basement, there are a few things you have to do.

➤ Step 1: Remove the leaves from the celery and then examine the vegetables for damage and soft spots. The sorted tubers should be put aside and processed immediately. Use only perfect tubers for storage.

➤ Step 2: The celery tubers are not washed. Leave it there for a few days until the soil that sticks to the tubers will fall off by itself.

➤ Step 3: Then put the tubers in a box of moistened sand or wrap them in newspaper. Only then put it in the box.

" Important! On the one hand, high air humidity and, on the other hand, cool temperatures of a maximum of 10 ° C are necessary for storage. A boiler room is therefore not suitable for storage.

Celery can also be stored in the refrigerator

If you do not have celery in the garden, but have to use purchased goods, you can store celery in the fridge for some time. Perennial celery is better for this than celeriac. This is best frozen if you want to store it longer and don't need large amounts.

Celery can be placed in a plastic bag and sealed as airtight as possible before storing it in the refrigerator. So it lasts up to 2 weeks.