Transplanting eggplants - there is something to be considered

Transplanting eggplants - there is something to be considered

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If you want to grow eggplants in the garden yourself, you must first deal with the topic of transplanting. After all, there are some things to consider.

Eggplants are heat-loving plants

Fresh eggplants from your own garden are really something fine, right? While a few years ago they could hardly be found in a garden, today the exotic plants are grown like normal vegetables, i.e. like potatoes and the like, in German gardens. However, if you want to plant the heat-loving plants with their purple fruits in your own garden, you have to consider a few things. If you do not repot the eggplants properly or transplant them too early, you risk, for example, that they die. And you certainly don't want that. It is therefore best to follow the instructions below and you will be rewarded with robust plants and a good harvest.

You have to take this into account when repotting

Correctly pulling and repotting eggplants in a pot:

If you want to pull the eggplants in a pot, make sure you have good, nutrient-rich soil. If the plants are well rooted after sowing and the first correct leaves are showing, you can transfer them to a larger pot. Fill the pot halfway with good soil and then water it thoroughly. Then you can carefully put the plants in the pot and fill everything with soil. Pour again thoroughly and the repotting is done.

Planting eggplants outdoors:

If you want to plant your eggplants outdoors or in the greenhouse, it is advisable to water the plants thoroughly beforehand. You can then dig out the planting hole. Then put some compost in it before pouring water on it. Then insert the plant, fill everything with soil and press well before watering again.

Do not repot / transplant too early:

Similar to tomatoes and zucchini, eggplants don't like cold and cold earth at all. It is therefore important that you keep your plants constantly warm and only repot or plant them when the temperatures outside are sufficiently high, i.e. only around mid-May after the ice saints.