Multiply coriander - this is how it's done

Multiply coriander - this is how it's done

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Coriander can be planted and propagated easily in the garden. We have presented two options and their instructions.

Coriander seeds Coriander gives Asian dishes that certain something. Fans of good cuisine should always have some coriander in the house, preferably fresh. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. You won't find coriander in many supermarkets, especially not fresh. The last hope is always an Asian shop. But not everyone has it just around the corner. So it is worth growing and growing coriander yourself.

This is easily possible and can even be done fairly quickly. You have two options for propagation.

Multiply coriander - 2 possibilities presented

➲ Multiply coriander by sowing

The easiest way to grow coriander is through seeds. You can get these in well-stocked garden centers or online for just under one euro
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Bring the seeds out between April and May and keep them moist. Make sure that there is no more frost at night. Otherwise you will have to wait a little longer before sowing.

Coriander is a light-independent germ. So he doesn't care whether the seeds are covered with earth or not. However, we recommend applying a small layer of soil to protect the seeds from drying out.

After about 7 to 10 days, the seeds start to germinate and grow up at high speed so that you can harvest them within the next 14 days.

" My advice:

Coriander is only an annual plant. So that you have fresh coriander again for the next year, you can cut off the flower umbels (light brown) shortly before they are fully ripe. If you dry the umbels, the seeds fall out of their own accord and you can then plant them in the same way next year.

➲ Multiply coriander by dividing it

If you could get hold of a plant pot, you can also make new coriander plants from it. To do this, water the plant well and cut it up to two centimeters above the ground.

Then carefully pull out of the pot and split the roots with a sharp knife. Be careful not to damage the roots.

You can now plant the individual plants in small groups in a larger pot or in the bed.

" My advice:

If you want to use the leaves of the coriander, you should not only cut the leaves individually, but the entire stem. This is how the coriander shoots out again and they have something of the delicious spice all summer.