Set up the bird feeder correctly - you have to pay attention to everything

Set up the bird feeder correctly - you have to pay attention to everything

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Setting up a bird feeder sounds really easy. But you can do a lot wrong. There is a lot to consider here.

Set up the bird feeder sheltered from the wind As soon as winter approaches and the first titballs and birdseed bags are in the garden and supermarkets, many bird lovers set up a bird feeder to help sparrows, tits and the like over the cold season. But some garden owners wait in vain for feathered visitors in their bird feeder and are disappointed when no bird can be seen. But there is certainly a reason for that.

In order to lure birds to the bird feeder, you have to consider a few things, because you can go wrong with just the location. However, if you consider a few points when setting up the bird feeder, you will soon have a lot of activity and can observe many birds.

How to set up the bird feeder correctly

❶ choose the right bird feeder:

When buying a bird feeder, you have to consider a few things. It's best to choose one made of the most robust material possible, after all, it stands outside day and night during the cold season and has to withstand rain, snow and ice. Impregnated wood is suitable e.g. preferably. Of course you can also build a bird feeder yourself. For example, from a plastic bottle. Of course there are also many other options.

❷ ensure a safe stand / hold:

If the bird feeder stands on a post, make sure that the whole construction is on stable feet and does not tip over with the slightest breeze. If the location is uneven or the ground is very soft, it is recommended to anchor the house in the ground.

There are also bird feeders to hang up. Here, however, you should make sure that they can be firmly attached to trees or walls so that they cannot fall down during a storm.

❸ clear view and protection for birds:

In addition to caring for the birds in winter, a bird feeder also offers a beautiful sight for bird lovers who want to observe and determine the many animals. So here you have to make a compromise between an unobstructed view of the bird feeder and sufficient protection and escape options for the birds, who must quickly get to safety in the event of danger from cats and other hunters.

A location near bushes or trees so that birds can quickly fly into the branches and hide when needed, e.g. adequate protection. Nearby does not mean right next to bushes and trees. Choose the distance so that hunters such as cats, martens etc. cannot climb the tree and reach the house from there. The location must also be protected from the wind. At the same time, you also have to make sure that you don't place the house too hidden to have a clear view of it yourself.