Video: make gazebo burglar-proof - that's how it's done

Video: make gazebo burglar-proof - that's how it's done

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Gazebos offer a particularly good target for burglars in winter. For your safety, you should not only make the garden winter-proof, but also protect the arbor from uninvited guests.

After the gardening season has ended, many hobby gardeners retire to the well-deserved winter break. The garden is made winterproof and everything in the arbor is cleaned up as far as possible. Unfortunately, certain security measures are increasingly being forgotten. The allotment gardens are particularly popular with burglars in winter. Often you only notice these break-ins much too late, because in the winter months you don't go to the garden every day. So that you do not have to find out in spring that all of your belongings have been stolen, you should take some security measures.

As the video from WMZtv Seenland shows, it is not that difficult to protect your gazebo from burglars. It just shouldn't be forgotten. As an allotment garden owner, you should definitely watch the video and retrofit any missing protective measures as soon as possible.

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