Raise wisteria to the standard tree - This is how the plant thrives in tubs

Raise wisteria to the standard tree - This is how the plant thrives in tubs

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Wisteria is not suitable for every facade. And yet the flower lover does not have to do without the wonderful bloom. Just pull yourself up a standard tree. You can find out how to do this here.

With its delightful purple-blue flowers and its impressive size of up to ten meters, the wisteria adorns facades, pergolas and terraces. The climbing plant known under the Latin names wisteria or wisteria would like to be cared for regularly in order to be able to grow abundantly.

Not every hobbyist can plant wisteria on the facade of their house. And yet there is a place where such a ranker can develop well. The wisteria in the tub is a popular alternative to greening facades.

Refined wisteria thrives optimally

Specially grafted plants are particularly suitable for a high-stemmed wisteria that should soon start to bloom.

You can get a refined wisteria for example in nurseries or in well-stocked garden centers. This planting product has a shoot that you have to shorten by about a third of its length in spring. They leave a strong bud standing. The side shoots must be cut off completely.

" Tip: The plant needs a stick to support it. Simply tie the shoot to the stick very loosely. So it has enough hold.

Support must then be given again in July. To do this, shorten the new shoots by half and attach the extended main shoot to the support rod.

Use scissors to raise the trunk

in the 2nd year
At the end of the following winter (February to early March) cut the new shoots back to 3 to 5 buds. Then put the secateurs back on in June. You shorten the new branches by a third. Now the main shoot is cut at the desired height of the standard. This is how you determine how big the wisteria should be in the bucket.

in the 3rd year
In February or March of the third year, trim the main and secondary shoots again on 3 to 5 buds. Ultimately, the undesirable side shoots of the pruning shears fall victim to July. The wisteria trunk is exposed from the side branches up to the base of the crown.

subsequent years
In future, only the taper cut will be made in February. The crown branches are shortened to the third eye.