Facade greening with hops - this is how you give your house that certain something

Facade greening with hops - this is how you give your house that certain something

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Hops are used for much more than just brewing beer. You can e.g. also green the facade of your house. It's actually very simple.

Hops are ideal for greening facades Everyone actually wants their house to be the most beautiful in the whole neighborhood. You can certainly enhance and beautify your property with flower beds, a garden pond and decorative elements, but why not beautify your house too? It is so easy after all. The solution is facade greening.

The facade greening is a beautification measure that not only convinces from an aesthetic point of view - you also make a valuable contribution to our environment, since it improves the climate in your living environment.

But which plants are actually suitable for facade greening? We recommend e.g. Hop. Anyone who already has hops in the garden knows that the climbing plant is easy to care for and also grows very quickly. Thanks to this plant, your house will soon attract everyone's attention in the neighborhood. However, the prerequisite is that you plant and care for the hops correctly.

Why hops as facade greening?

Certainly you can also choose other climbing plants to green the facade of your house. However, hops have advantages in many ways that cannot be beaten by anything. Look for yourself:

Since there is no lignification in hops, the shoots die off every autumn. Therefore, the greening leaves no building damage.

Hops are easy to remove. If you are tired of greening, you can quickly remove the hops.

Hops grow relatively quickly compared to other climbing plants. In warm weather, 1 m per week is possible.

Hops are quite inexpensive compared to other climbing plants.

Design options with hops

Since hops are very easy to care for, you can let your creativity run wild with the greening. In addition to the entire facade, you can also use individual areas of your house such as Refine downpipes, lightning rods and trellises with hops. But you can also tension extra wire ropes on certain parts of your facade (e.g. next to the window) and let the hops grow there. There are no limits to your imagination here.

How to green the facade with hops


It is best to plant the hops in early spring, i.e. in March or April.


Hops thrive best on the east and west walls. However, only if you plant it in a humus rich soil that prevents waterlogging but can still store moisture for a long time.

How to plant the hops correctly:

The hops need a framework that they can hold onto. For example, attach a wooden trellis or trellis system to the facade. The latter are e.g. available at Amazon.

Then take the plants by hand and plant them at a distance of 2 m from each other. Then fill the planting hole with soil and lightly step on the surface. Then water everything well and fix the plants with the help of a cord towards the house wall or climbing aid.

How to properly care for hops:

So that the hops develop splendidly, it is advisable to fertilize them twice a year (in spring and summer) with compost. It is also important that you water it regularly. Otherwise you only have to use the scissors here and there to keep windows and doors free.

In autumn, the climbing plant retreats into the ground for the winter. As a result, all shoots will die. All you have to do now is remove it from the climbing aid so that the climbing plant can climb up it again next spring.