Video: build your own composter from Euro pallets - Here's how

Video: build your own composter from Euro pallets - Here's how

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A whole lot can be conjured up from Euro pallets. Whether seating, raised beds or a shelter for firewood - there are no limits to your imagination. Since I find the works from Euro pallets not only practical, but also really beautiful, I'm always happy about new ideas - like the one with the composter, for example. Many use plastic composters from hardware stores and discounters. Unfortunately, the size is limited and the optics are not necessarily the most beautiful. So what is more obvious to simply build a composter from Euro pallets?

The procedure is relatively simple, as shown by IngoderLiegeradler in the video above. Step by step he explains and shows us how to build a large, spacious and two-part composter from simple Euro pallets. Sounds complicated? No way. With the video instructions, even less talented craftsmen can do this.

Why compost at all?

In a garden there is always waste, be it green cuttings, leaves or other kitchen or garden waste. If you don't want to pay the high fees for the organic waste bin, there's no getting around a composter. This also has a decisive advantage. Ripe compost is an optimal fertilizer for your plants because it contains countless nutrients. It also improves the soil sustainably.