Video: Build a pool from IBC tank containers yourself - it's that easy

Video: Build a pool from IBC tank containers yourself - it's that easy

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Jumping into the cool water at hot temperatures is not only reserved for owners with large gardens. Even those with limited space can refresh in their own garden in summer. You only have to know how.

An alternative to small children's swimming pools is the variant using an IBC tank container. The size is not enough to swim laps in, but to cool off after gardening, it is always enough. The video by KGB Gartenbahn shows how you can make such an IBC container suitable for bathing and also spice it up visually. Each step is shown in detail for you, so that with the right materials and machines, a space-saving bath miracle can be created in a short time. After that, nobody can see that the good part was a container just a few hours earlier.

Where can I get IBC containers from?

IBC containers are often at least as easy to get as euro pallets. Many larger companies usually have such containers in abundance on the site. Just ask for it. You will also find various offers for a narrow coin at the Ebay and Ebay classifieds portals. It's worth a look.