Video: sharpen ax - that's how it works

Video: sharpen ax - that's how it works

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Chopping wood has become an annual gardening task for almost every garden owner. After all, there should always be enough wood for the fireplace or the fireplace. Working with an ax is extremely difficult if you work with a blunt tool. Chopping not only takes longer, it's also absolutely no fun. Anyone who has ever tried to make firewood with a blunt ax knows what I'm talking about.

It's easy to save yourself the hassle and it doesn't even take long. M1Molter - The handyman shows in his video how you can arm your ax again within only 2-3 minutes. Sounds easy? It is. In addition, you get tips from the hobby craftsman with which materials you should never work on your ax and why. This way, mistakes are guaranteed to stop happening and the wood will almost make itself in the future. 😉

Be sure to note !!!

Working with an ax is not without its dangers, both in the sharp and in the blunt state. Therefore always wear appropriate protective equipment. Above all, these include:

  • safety shoes
  • Non-slip work gloves
  • safety goggles

Always wear safety glasses when sanding, since even the smallest metal parts can cause serious eye injuries.