Wireworm remedy Provotox

Wireworm remedy Provotox

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Sometimes, when harvesting potatoes, one has to see numerous passages in the tubers. It happens that a yellow worm sticks out of such a move. All this is the wicked work of the wireworm. This pest damages many garden crops. In addition to potatoes, it can damage carrots, beets and other root crops, eat up the roots of young plants, which leads to their death. Therefore, it is necessary to fight with it.

What is a wireworm

It is not an independent insect, but an intermediate, larval stage in the existence of the click beetle. Only now it lasts an unusually long time, in many individuals up to 4 years. The click beetle is up to 2 cm in size, and the color is dark brown or dark purple.

It depends on the composition of the soil and living conditions. The beetle itself does not do much harm to agricultural crops. The same cannot be said about its larvae.

Attention! Crop losses due to wireworm with its large number can reach 65%

Beetles lay the larvae in early spring. In the first year, the larvae are small and do not differ in mobility. But from the second year, their activity, and, therefore, the harmful activity increases significantly.

Wireworms are able to move quickly in the soil, choosing places where there is enough food for them. It is especially good for them where it is humid and the acidity of the soil is increased. They love to live where wheatgrass grows.

Attention! Lime the soil in time, add ash to it when planting plants.

Destroy wheatgrass in the area so as not to create conditions for the habitat of this harmful worm.

This dangerous pest must be dealt with.

Wireworm control measures

There are many ways to combat this pest. You can lay out grain or baits treated with insecticide even before planting the main crop. The wireworm, eating them, dies. Compliance with crop rotation helps a lot. The wireworm does not consume food that is new to him, so he does not damage the plants he is accustomed to.

Siderates, which are sown after harvest, help fight the wireworm. Mustard, colza, rapeseed are best. Siderata must be buried in the ground. Essential oils released during their decay repel the pest. If you constantly add ground eggshells to the soil, the number of pests can be significantly reduced.

If you spill the wells with tincture of nettle (500 g per ten-liter bucket) or dandelion (200 g per ten-liter bucket) before planting, this will protect the young roots from damage by the wireworm.

But there are times when all these measures are not enough. Then you have to resort to chemicals. There are not so many insecticides from the wireworm. Most of them are made on the basis of diazinon, which belongs to the class of organophosphate insecticides. Diazinon was developed more than half a century ago by the Swiss company Ciba Geigi. For a long time, this insecticide has been used to combat domestic insects. One of the substances based on diazinon is Provotox from wireworm.

Insecticide Provotox: description

The content of the active substance in this remedy from the wireworm is 40 g per kilogram. The drug is available in the form of granules. The weight of one sachet can be 120 or 40 g. For application on 10 sq. M. one sachet in 40 g is enough. The drug cannot be combined with other drugs. You can store it for 2 years.

Action of Provotox

The active ingredient of the drug is a contact-intestinal poison. When a wireworm enters the body, it damages its nervous system, causing paralysis and death. The drug must be applied once by evenly scattering over the garden bed. The instruction says that the drug must be slightly embedded in the soil.

It is also possible to add the preparation directly to the wells when planting potatoes. Each bush will require only 2 to 4 pieces of granules.

Warning! If you are going to plant early varieties of potatoes, then Provotox cannot be used.

Reviews on the use of the drug Provotox from the wireworm indicate a significant decrease in the number of wireworms.

The usual time for application is spring. If the number of the pest is large, it is possible to incorporate the preparation into the soil after harvesting. A calm day is chosen for processing. You need to spend it either in the morning or in the evening.

Attention! Do not use Provotox if the air temperature exceeds 25 degrees.

The protective effect of the drug lasts 6 weeks.

Drug toxicity and safety measures

Provotox belongs to the drugs of the 3rd hazard class. Those. it is of little danger to humans. Diazinon, on the basis of which Provotox was created, decomposes rather quickly in the soil.

Safety measures when working with Provotox consist of the use of a protective suit, respirator and gloves. Do not eat or smoke during processing. After processing, you need to change clothes, wash.

Advantages of Provotox:

  • Does not possess phytotoxicity.
  • It has a long term of validity.
  • Not addictive to insects.
  • Moderately hazardous to warm-blooded animals.

So that the wireworm does not damage potatoes, roots and flowers, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive fight with it, using both folk and chemical methods.


Vera, 32 years old, Klin

We bought a summer cottage three years ago. All season they worked on virgin soil, and the next year they planted potatoes. When they were harvesting, they were very disappointed, many tubers were perforated. It turned out to be a wireworm. In the spring, we had to put Provotox granules in each hole. It helped well, the damaged potatoes were much less.

Anatoly, 45 years old, Sanniki village

I have my own farm. To make meat production profitable, you have to grow your own feed, including potatoes. But the trouble is - the wireworm has multiplied. Potatoes are shallow and poorly stored in winter. I had to apply chemistry. I chose Provotox and was not mistaken. The harvest pleased me.