Beetroot fries - this is how they are prepared

Beetroot fries - this is how they are prepared

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A wide variety of dishes can really be conjured up from beetroot tubers. For example, beetroot fries. These are prepared in no time at all.

Beetroot fries are made easy

Beetroot is not a favorite on everyone's menu. This is because the taste is quite peculiar. It is slightly earthy, which is why the tuber is not popular with many people. Those who like this taste, on the other hand, like to conjure up some delicacies from it. For example, beetroot chips. Others turn it into chips. The good thing: the beetroot not only tastes great when fried, it also brings color to your plate.


  • 3 beetroot
  • 2 liters of frying oil
  • salt
  • pepper


Wash the beetroot briefly, remove the tips and peel using a peeler. Then cut the vegetables into thick slices and then into wider chopsticks to create the typical “french fry shape”. Then dry the fries with kitchen paper.

Pour the oil into the deep fryer and heat to 170 degrees. As soon as the temperature is reached, add the beetroot fries to the basket and fry the vegetables in them for a few minutes. Then lift the fries out of the oil, let them stand briefly and put them in the oil again. If the fries still have a little bite, but are no longer too hard, then they are done. All you have to do is season them.