Incubator thermostat Laying hen Bi 1

Incubator thermostat Laying hen Bi 1

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Among the many factory-made incubators, the Laying device is in good demand. A manufacturer from Novosibirsk produces models Bi 1 and Bi 2. They are practically the same in design. In general terms, the appliance consists of a drawer with an egg rack and heating element inside. The temperature is maintained by automatic equipment, which includes a regulating device. There are two types of thermostat for the Bi incubator: digital and analog. We will now talk about the differences between automation and the devices themselves.

General characteristics of Layers

Let's start our review of incubators Bi 1 and Bi 2 with the building. It is made of polystyrene foam. Due to this, the manufacturer has reduced the cost of the product. Incubators with similar characteristics with plastic or plywood enclosures are more expensive. Plus, the weight of the device itself has decreased.

Important! Polyfoam is an excellent heat insulator. In such a case, it will be possible to maintain the required temperature as accurately as possible.

This is where all the advantages end. The hatching egg gives off many unpleasant odors. It can be infected or simply foul. All these secretions are absorbed by the foam. After each incubation, the case will have to be thoroughly treated with a disinfectant. Moreover, the foam is brittle. He is afraid of the slightest mechanical stress, as well as cleaning with abrasive substances.

The bottom of incubators Bi 1 and Bi 2 is made with water recesses. The manufacturer refused to use portable trays, as they take up free space. The water in the incubator is needed to maintain the required microclimate.

Automation is the heart of the device. The degrees inside the incubator can be monitored using the built-in thermometer. But to regulate the temperature, you need a thermostat. On models Bi 1 and Bi 2, two types of device are used:

  • In an analog thermostat, the temperature change is performed mechanically. That is, turned the handle to the right - added degrees, turned to the left - reduced heating. Typically, an analog thermostat is characterized by an accuracy of readings - 0.2aboutFROM.
  • More accurate and convenient is a digital thermostat, where all data is displayed on an electronic board. Advanced models are equipped with an additional humidity sensor. Such thermostats display data on the temperature and humidity level inside the incubator on the display. On a digital device, all parameters are set by buttons and stored in memory. As for the temperature error indicator, for an electronic thermostat it is 0.1aboutFROM.

Important! Most poultry farmers report positively both types of thermostats. Incubators with analog temperature control are slightly cheaper, but the difference is almost small.

Any Layer Bi 1 or Bi 2 on the top cover is equipped with a small window. Through it, you can observe the state of the eggs and the appearance of chicks. In the event of a power outage, the incubator can operate on battery power for up to twenty hours. The battery is not included. If necessary, the poultry farmer buys it separately.

Model Bi 1

Laying hen Bi-1 is sold in two versions:

  • Model Bi-1-36 is designed for laying 36 eggs. Conventional incandescent lamps are used as a heater.
  • The BI-1-63 model is designed for the simultaneous incubation of 63 eggs. Here, heating is already carried out by special heaters.

That is, the difference between the models lies only in the capacity of the eggs and the type of heating elements. Both models can be equipped with automatic egg turning. There is a complete set of Layers Bi-1 with a digital thermostat that has the function of a psychrometer. It allows you to display information on the level of humidity and temperature inside the incubator.

Model Bi-2

Incubator Bi-2 is designed for large egg capacity. This is the main difference between the model and the Bi-1 Layer. As in the case with the considered device, Bi-2 is also available in two modifications:

  • BI-2-77 model is designed for incubation of 77 eggs. Among this modification, this device is considered one of the best. The incubator is equipped with a powerful and high-quality thermostat that allows you to precisely maintain the set temperature in all parts of the free space around the eggs. The maximum error can be as low as 0.1aboutC. During operation, BI-2-77 consumes a maximum of 40 watts.
  • The BI-2A model is designed for laying 104 eggs. The incubator has a digital thermostat with a psychrometer function, but it can also be produced without a humidity sensor. The incubator comes with a set of egg trays with different mesh sizes. BI-2A power is maximum 60 W.

Among this modification, the BI-2A model is considered successful in combination with a low cost and a complete set with a digital thermostat.

The video shows the order of assembling the incubator:

Any model of the Layer comes with instructions from the manufacturer. It indicates how to prepare the device for operation, and also provides a temperature table for different types of eggs.

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