Video: Make lemon balm syrup yourself - recipe & instructions

Video: Make lemon balm syrup yourself - recipe & instructions

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In a few years, lemon balm will be rampant in many gardens. But where to put the crowd? I wanted to do something different, something that might last a little longer.

During my rather short search I came across the video from Kunterbunt. It's so easy, I could have figured that out myself. Lemon Syrup! Diluted with water a real delicacy and something different than the otherwise still water. The preparation is very quick, you don't need many ingredients and in the end you have a delicious syrup that can be used in many ways.

" My advice: It also tastes wonderful in sparkling wine !!!

Did you know?

Lemon balm is not only delicious, it can also be used as a medicine. This helps to relieve headaches and treat sleep disorders. The lemon balm can also score on the outside. A brewed tea should, for example, ensure a better complexion with fewer impurities.