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Strawberry Selva

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Garden strawberries or strawberries have long been considered one of the most delicious and healthy berries. She is loved not only by children, but also by adults. Today, the queen of the garden is grown by many summer residents, and attracts both the harvest itself and the ideal option for decorating the garden. Flowers and ripening berries can overshadow the outlandish plants with their beauty.

But gardeners often face the question of what kind of strawberries to plant on their site in order to harvest during the warm season. Strawberry Selva, according to the description of the variety, photos and reviews of gardeners, meets the claims of any summer resident. Bred by the Americans in 1983 of the last century. Its "parents" are Pajero, Brighton and Tufts varieties. Today the Selva variety is one of the most popular remontant varieties.

Features of the variety

Selva is a remontant variety that bears fruit throughout the summer; it belongs to the early even, one might say, super early varieties of garden strawberries.

Important! Selva is a strawberry of neutral daylight hours.

  1. The plants are distinguished by powerful compact bushes, up to half a meter high. Do not spread too much. Leaves are rich green. Forms a lot of mustache during the season.
  2. A lot of flower stalks are formed on strawberries, they are located at the bottom of the bush. Powerful, with a lot of buds. Peduncles hold fruit well, do not sink to the ground.
  3. The flowers are large, the middle is rich yellow. Fruit set is high. Berries are large from 25 to 40 grams and more, dark red, shiny, round-conical.
  4. The pulp is dense, crispy, with a barely noticeable sourness. The berries are fragrant, reminiscent of wild strawberries.

Look at the photo, how many delicious berries are in one bush.


If we talk about the characteristics of the Selva strawberry, it should be noted that it fully corresponds to the remontability. Fruiting occurs in waves, with good care, there are 3-4 of them. As gardeners write in the reviews, the increase in yield occurs due to the fact that the peduncles are not thrown out simultaneously, but due to the rooted rosettes on the mustache.

Attention! As soon as the rosette from the mustache takes root, it begins to bear fruit.

The strawberry of the Selva variety gives a full harvest no more than three years. In the fourth year, even a mustache may not form. Therefore, you need to rejuvenate the strawberry beds every year. There are many mustaches on young bushes. To obtain full-fledged seedlings, choose the healthy and most prolific strawberry bush, root a mustache from it. In order not to reduce the yield of the beds and the tone of the plants, you need to remove the extra mustache.

Fruiting begins earlier than other strawberry varieties. As soon as the first crop was harvested, the Selva strawberries again have flower stalks - the second wave of fruiting begins. The most delicious and aromatic berries ripen on the third wave. Judging by the numerous reviews of gardeners, Selva bears fruit until the frost.

The density of berries attracts gardeners who grow strawberries for sale. The point is excellent transportability. When transported over long distances, the fruits of the Selva variety do not lose their shape and remain dry. Berries are also highly appreciated by culinary experts. Delicious strawberries can be eaten fresh, prepared compotes, jams. After thawing, frozen berries fill the apartment with the aroma of wild strawberries.

The strawberry variety Selva is resistant to many diseases and pests. The berries are not affected by gray rot, as well as the leaves are spotted.

Advice! Preventive measures to prevent diseases should not be neglected, because in addition to Selva, other varieties of strawberries, as a rule, grow on the site.

Planting features

When planting strawberry seedlings in a permanent place, there are no particular difficulties. With planting material too, because the variety throws out enough mustache. As a rule, it is best to use seedlings with a closed root system, so the mustache is best rooted in plastic cups. Here it is, the best seedlings, in the photo below.

Attention! Selva rosettes, rooted in early summer, will delight you with the first berries by the end of August.

Repairing strawberries Selva will give a rich harvest, if you follow some agrotechnical standards:

  1. Garden strawberries prefer sunny, wind-protected areas. It is undesirable to plant Selva bushes in the lowland, otherwise it will lose its elasticity and sweetness.
  2. The best soil is loam. Selva does not like strongly acidic soil.
  3. For planting strawberries, nitrogen-phosphorus mineral fertilizers and organic matter - peat, manure, dolomite flour are added before digging. The Selva variety prefers loose, breathable soil. Fertilizers containing chlorine cannot be applied under strawberries.
  4. Since the strawberry bush of the Selva variety is powerful, when planting seedlings, you need to adhere to a step between the bushes of up to 30 cm.When a two-line planting, the row spacing should be at least 60 cm.Otherwise, due to the formation of a large number of whiskers, the plants will be very crowded, they will not be ventilated ...
  5. Planting strawberries requires intensive watering for at least 10 days. Then watered less often.

Correct planting of seedlings is a guarantee of the harvest:

Care and cultivation

Watering features

The Selva variety is unpretentious, but it has a special attitude towards water. The slightest drying out leads to loss of yield. Especially carefully the condition of the soil should be monitored during budding, flowering and fruiting of strawberries.

It is better to use drip irrigation. If there is no such system, plastic bottles can be used. Their lower part is cut off, and small punctures are made in the lid. The neck is stuck next to a Selva bush, water is poured into a bottle. The same drip irrigation is used by many gardeners.

How to save strawberries from the heat

The plant does not like high temperatures. To prevent the soil from overheating, it must be mulched. You can use straw or hay as mulch.

Top dressing

Since the fruiting of garden strawberries of the Selva variety stretches for the entire warm season, the plants need to be fed. Otherwise, the soil will be depleted, the same will happen with strawberries. Throughout the growing season, mineral fertilizers and organic matter are applied under the bushes. Top dressing is applied simultaneously with watering.

Interesting growing options

Since the mustache of the Selva variety is long and there are many of them, some gardeners grow strawberries as a climbing plant. A trellis is installed next to the bush, the strawberry Selva will cling to it with its whiskers, forming a unique corner in the garden. Imagine that on one plant at the same time, against a background of greenery, flowers sparkle with white and red berries sparkle.

The strawberry variety Selva also looks good in a flowerpot or in a barrel, like an ampelous plant. But in this case, garden strawberries need to be provided with full-fledged feeding.

Important! You can grow the variety Selva in the Dutch way in a greenhouse for a year-round harvest.


Selva strawberry is a frost-resistant variety. In regions with a warm climate, it is enough to cover the plantings with a layer of straw or hay, spruce branches or non-woven material. In areas with cold winters, a good shelter is used. The beds are covered with a thick layer of humus or peat, the soil is pre-mulched.

In order for the bushes to endure the winter well, they are hardened. Before permanent shelter, the plants should face slight frosts in the open. Leaves can not be removed, because they will warm the roots.

Gardeners reviews

Vera, 32 years old, Kursk region

I used to have different varieties of strawberries. But I was not always happy with the harvest. Two years ago, a neighbor offered seedlings grown on his site. Planted 7 bushes at the end of June. The most surprising thing was that the Selva variety produced a harvest in the year of planting. My strawberry overwintered perfectly. In the summer I have already received my seedlings. Now always with delicious, sweet berries growing on a large plantation.

Svetlana, 40 years old, Vladimir

Selva planted last year, only 2 bushes. Over the summer, my garden has grown several times. Not only the mother bushes, but also the rooted rosettes bore fruit. It's just a miracle!

Ivan, 38 years old, Novosibirsk

They say that it is difficult to grow strawberries in Siberia. It is not true. I have different varieties of garden strawberries. But the large-fruited remontant variety Selva is liked most of all. All summer my children are feasting on fragrant sweet berries. I recommend.

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