Video: backwash sand filter system properly - how it works

Video: backwash sand filter system properly - how it works

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A pool in your own garden is something nice in summer. However, in order for the water quality to remain optimal over the summer, every larger pool needs a sand filter system. Without it, the water would be green in just a few days. And who wants to keep adding thousands of liters of water all the time? First of all, the water is always cold and it also costs a whole lot of money over the summer.

Such a sand filter system must also be maintained regularly in order to be able to optimally clean the pool. Above all, this includes backwashing. The process is shown in great detail in the video from Poolpowershop. You will also get some information on what to pay special attention to when cleaning.

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Did you know?

Cleaning the sand filter also includes changing the quartz sand. The recommendations regarding the intervals at which this should be done vary widely. Many change the sand after just one year. However, many manufacturers only recommend changing after 3 to 4 bathing seasons.

The frequency is mainly due to the intensity of use. If a pool is used little, it is sufficient to change it only after 4 years. However, if it is used regularly and often, it is advisable to change the sand after 2 years.