Dutch selection tomatoes: the best varieties

Dutch selection tomatoes: the best varieties

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Today, Dutch varieties of tomatoes are well known throughout Russia and abroad, for example, in Ukraine and Moldova, where they are successfully grown. Some well-known varieties and hybrids are in the top twenty of the most popular due to their resistance, vigor, high yield. Let's talk in more detail about how they differ from domestic varieties, what is their popularity, and present to our readers the best Dutch tomatoes that may be on your table.

Features of varietal tomatoes from the Netherlands

Nowadays, on store shelves you can find many varieties and hybrids of tomatoes from various manufacturers. A fairly large market share belongs to companies from the Netherlands, for example, Nunhems, Seminis, Syngenta, Bejo. They are undoubtedly the leaders among imported seeds.

As an edible crop, tomatoes were not used in Europe until the 18th century, although they were imported from America two and a half centuries before that. As for the Netherlands, despite the heat-loving culture, it quickly took root in this country. Very often it is for this reason that our gardeners choose exactly the Dutch varieties of tomatoes. The Netherlands is a country with a minimum number of sunny days per year, it rains very often there, therefore, when crossing, breeders try to develop varieties and hybrids that are resistant to such conditions.

Among Dutch tomatoes, there are both those that can be grown in greenhouses and those that are intended for outdoor use. However, one should not delude ourselves: for each specific hybrid or variety, it is necessary to withstand the conditions for which it was bred. Disease resistance is a huge advantage, but many domestic tomatoes tolerate most diseases and viruses well, which makes them equally popular.

Important! When choosing seeds, pay attention to the information on the package.

For someone, the ripening period, taste are important, but for someone the safety of tomatoes, the ability to transport them, or even such quality as the height of the bush and the complexity of caring for the plant are considered more important.

If you buy seeds of hybrids or varieties in a store, pay attention to the fact that the information on the package is translated into Russian. Important information:

  • tomato resistance to disease;
  • ripening period of tomatoes;
  • plant and fruit size;
  • yield per bush or square meter;
  • use and taste.

Since the competition on the market today is great, new greenhouse farms are built every year, experts advise from time to time to try new selection, including imported tomatoes.

Review of the best varieties of tomatoes

Consider the most popular Dutch selection tomatoes in Russia today. They are found on the shelves of most gardening stores. Some gardeners generally do not pay attention to them, believing that imported products are not suitable for growing in our conditions. This statement is incorrect.

Below is a brief table of the main parameters, which is very convenient to navigate. A detailed description of these hybrids and varieties is given below.


Variety / hybrid name

Ripening period, in days

Growth type of tomato bush

Fruit size, in grams

Productivity, in kilograms per square meter

Bobcat F1

late, 130


up to 225

maximum 6.2

F1 President

early, 68-73




Shakira F1

early maturing




medium early, 90-100




Rio grande

late ripening, 120-130




Big Beef F1

early, 73


up to 330


Krystal F1

mid-season, 100-120



up to 12.7

Skif F1

medium early, 90-103




Jaguar F1

early ripe, 73


up to 180


Important! If the name of the tomato contains the F1 mark, this means that this is a hybrid, not a variety.

It is distinguished by its high vigor, but it will not work to collect seeds from such tomatoes for further cultivation.


Late-ripening hybrid "Bobkat" is intended for growing in open and protected ground. It is most commonly grown for making tomato pastes and sauces. Tomatoes are fleshy, red in color with good taste. They are well stored, transported over long distances, the preservation is 10 days. A hybrid resistant to verticillium and fusarium.

The president

The Dutch hybrid "President" is one of the five best varietal tomatoes for cultivation in Russia. This is no coincidence. It is successfully grown both outdoors and in greenhouses. It is resistant to a whole range of diseases, so it is appropriate to acquire it with chronically infected soil in greenhouses and film shelters.

The tomato bush requires care: pinching, shaping. If done correctly, the yield will be very high. Another plus of the hybrid is the excellent taste of tomatoes. Every breeder dreams of breeding such a delicious tomato. The skin of the fruit is dense, which prevents cracking. You can sell such a product as a top-class product.


One of the new products on the Russian market. The new hybrid is represented by fleshy tomatoes with excellent taste. The skin is firm, the tomatoes do not crack. It is imperative to form a plant and pinch it.

Attention! Experts advise growing a two-stem hybrid.

It is necessary to sow tomato seeds in early March, while they do not need soaking and disinfection. They sprout together, each bush reaches one and a half meters.


The Polbig hybrid is represented by early ripe tomatoes with excellent taste. It grows well both in open sunny areas and in greenhouses. The bush is determinate, of limited growth, so caring for the plant is not very difficult. Three months after the appearance of the first shoots, you can count on a rich harvest.

A tomato hybrid is resistant to fusarium and verticilliosis. The fruits do not crack, are perfectly transported, have an excellent presentation. The use of tomatoes is possible both fresh, in salads, and for canning.

Rio grande

Describing the best varieties of tomatoes, one cannot but recall the "Rio Grande". This versatile variety is represented by small oval red tomatoes. He is somewhat afraid of significant temperature fluctuations, so the greatest success in yield can be achieved by planting seeds in the southern regions. The germination rate there is so high that you can sow tomatoes directly into open ground, without using the seedling method. The "Rio Grande" variety can also be grown in film shelters.

The tomato variety is resistant to major diseases, ripens for a long time, but the taste will not leave anyone indifferent. Tomatoes do not crack, they can be transported and stored for a long time due to their dense skin. The use is universal. Conservation of this variety is convenient, since the size of the tomato fruit is small.

A good video about this tomato variety:

Big Beef

Many Russian gardeners are familiar with the Big Beef tomato hybrid that Holland gave us. It is early maturing, ripens in just 73 days, while the yield is extremely high. The bush is of an indeterminate type of growth, high, it must be pinned and tied up. Since it is quite sprawling, you should not plant more than 4 bushes of tomato seedlings per square meter.

Tomato fruits are bright red in color, the very term "beef" in the name speaks of the fleshiness of the fruit. Good taste, versatile use. The hybrid has achieved particular popularity due to the fact that it is resistant to most dangerous diseases and viruses, including fusarium, verticillosis, nematode, alternariosis, TMV, gray leaf spot. Can be grown for soil problems.


A very resistant tomato hybrid with high vigor. Tomatoes are dense and crack-resistant. Since the bush is indeterminate, its growth is unlimited. Moreover, the bush itself is not very high. When leaving, you will need to tie up and pinch the plant. Designed for growing both outdoors and indoors.

The Kristal hybrid is resistant to cladospirosis as well. The fruits of this variety are medium in size, have good taste, are used mainly for salads and fresh. Some summer residents believe that this particular tomato hybrid has a pleasant taste, but there is not enough sweetness in it. As you know, there are no comrades in taste and color.


Skif tomato hybrid, which is good for a whole range of qualities, is well known to Russian summer residents. It is intended for cultivation both in the open and in the closed ground. The tomato is resistant to nematodes, verticillosis and fusarium.

Despite the fact that tomatoes have a pleasant aroma and excellent taste, they are used mainly for salads and fresh. The bush is compact, seedlings can be planted compactly, 6-7 pieces per square meter. Tomatoes are of excellent commercial quality, with high yields, they can be grown on an industrial scale. Professionals collect at least 5 kilograms of excellent tomatoes from one bush.


The jaguar is a hardy tomato hybrid with a short growing season. Just 73 days after the first shoots emerge, a rich crop of the highest quality can be harvested. The main advantage is the high strength of growth and resistance to a large number of diseases: nematode, verticillosis, TMV, fusarium. Due to the fact that the hybrid ripens very quickly, it is not afraid of late blight.

You can use the fruits of a tomato as you like: they are tasty, pickled and salted, used for processing and juices. The commercial qualities of the hybrid are also high.

In order to finally understand the question of whether Dutch tomato seeds are good, you need to consider the reviews of those summer residents who have grown them more than once.

Reviews of gardeners about varieties and hybrids from Holland

Dutch tomato varieties are distinguished by their high resistance to diseases. Our brief review pointed out this fact. That is why they are often preferred by greenhouse owners. Soil cultivation in plastic and glass greenhouses is a big problem. When grown, tomatoes are often alternated with cucumbers to avoid contamination.

Maria Andreeva, Moscow region

I love the hybrid "President" of the Dutch selection, it gives an excellent rich harvest, which suits me completely. Also several times were planted "Bull's Heart" from Holland of various colors, pink and even black varieties. Delicious, large, but they can only be used for salads. It makes no sense to preserve them.

Olesya V, Crimean Peninsula

I have been growing tomato seeds from Holland for ten years in the open field. I love "Rio Grande" very much, they are small and tasty, they make excellent salads. Of the unusual I took up the cultivation of a hybrid "Benito", it seemed that the usual "Rio Grande" is better. They also planted "Rosaliza", it has beautiful pink fruits, low compact bushes. The Dutch tomato varieties are really very hardy. If you plant ten seeds, in the worst case, 8-9 will germinate, and in the best case, absolutely everything. For this we love them.

Valery Kim, Volgograd

I have three greenhouses on the site, in one of them I always plant the President and Big Beef tomatoes. I like Dutch varieties for two reasons: they grow very well, they are not afraid of any diseases, their firmness is excellent, plus excellent commercial qualities. Since I sell 70 percent of the harvest, this is very important for me. Tomato fruits are well stored, do not crack, have a beautiful skin tone and a pleasant shine. This is not to say that they are tasteless, on the contrary, the very aroma of a tomato is present, there is enough sourness and sweetness. I advise you to buy seeds only in specialized stores in good packaging, and not from your hands on the market.


Of course, tomato seeds from Holland are widespread throughout the country today and are very popular. This is due to the fact that agricultural companies from this country work for the Russian market, while having vast experience in the field of breeding. Try to comply with the growing conditions, and the harvest will delight!

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