Multiply kiwi - explained step by step

Multiply kiwi - explained step by step

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Kiwifruit is not only healthy, it is also quite easy to multiply. You don't have to be a professional to do this. All you need is a little patience.

Multiplying kiwis is easy

It is not difficult to multiply kiwis. The kernels of every fully ripe fruit from the trade can be used for this. So if you want to dare to grow kiwis, you need nothing more than a kiwi, a container and some soil.

It is often recommended to keep the seeds in the refrigerator for 30 days. However, extensive experience has shown that this is not a prerequisite for success in growing kiwifruit. So multiplying a kiwi is much easier than you might think.

How to multiply a kiwi fruit

1Take a kiwi and remove the seeds. Then you have to get rid of the slimy layer. It works best with kitchen paper or a towel. This is an important step, otherwise you will prevent germ formation from the outset.

2 Now fill a container with a little growing soil and place the seed on top. It is really important that you use cultivation soil, otherwise you have to expect that you will only grow weak plants. Normally fertilized soil ensures an uneven growth with a lot of leaf green and not optimally developed roots, which cannot guarantee an adequate supply of the kiwi.

A sufficient distance between the cores also ensures simple and safe transplanting when sowing.

3 Now cover everything with a very thin layer of growing soil and place the pot in a bright place. It is then important that you have a little patience and always keep the soil moist. For this, e.g. a simple spray bottle very well.

4First seedlings can usually be found after about eight to ten days. If they get bigger and put each other in distress, it is time to give every little kiwi their own potty. For this it is advisable to also use growing soil, since this promotes root growth, which in turn ensures strong kiwi plants.

5When the kiwis have reached a size of about one meter, you can put them outdoors, whereby frost protection is recommended, especially in the first two years.