Make cross-digging yourself - explained step by step

Make cross-digging yourself - explained step by step

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Decorating a grave is not just about planting flowers. You can also decorate it with a flower arrangement at any time. If you do it yourself, you can even adjust it to the season.

Such a arrangement is quickly self-made At the latest on All Saints' Day and on the Sunday of the Dead, everyone makes a pilgrimage to the cemetery and lays grave arrangements to honor and commemorate the deceased. But why only on these days? Certainly, buying grave arrangements can be quite expensive over time. Of course, it is easier to just plant flowers in the grave. You can also make the digging arrangements yourself. This is really not difficult and, above all, not costly. So take your time and make your own digging.

The best: You can let your creativity run free and adjust the arrangement to the season. How about e.g. sometimes with a cross-grave arrangement? The basic structure is child's play to manufacture and embellish. Just try it.

You need:

  • Floral foam
  • Styrofoam plate
  • wire
  • tongs
  • knife
  • pen
  • ruler
  • Hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • Decoration Material

Instructions for a cross grave arrangement

Take the polystyrene sheet and draw a cross on it with a ruler and pen. You can determine the size yourself. Don't make it too small, after all, you should be able to see it later on the grave. Then cut out the shape with the knife.

❷ Now take the floral foam in hand. You can buy this in craft stores or here in blocks. Use the styrofoam cross as a template and then cut the floral foam to size. The floral foam cross may later consist of several parts.

❸ Once you have cut the cross shape out of floral foam, take the parts and glue them to the styrofoam cross with the hot glue gun. If something styrofoam or floral foam sticks out, you can cut it off with a knife. Now you have already done most of the work.

Next, you need to figure out how you want to beautify the cross. It is best to always adapt it to the season. You can e.g. Use fresh flowers or dried flowers, pine branches, pine or pine cones, tree bark and much more.

It is best to always start with the embellishment on the edge. You can e.g. cover with tree bark, moss or leaves. You can also work with flowers here.

Next is the top. If you work with dried flowers, you can simply put them in the floral foam. This also applies to real flowers with a firm stem. For filigree flowers, however, it is better if you wrap the stems with wire and only then position them in the floral foam. All other decorative elements such as The best way to glue cones, twigs, pearls, etc. to the arrangement is with the hot glue gun. And you're done!

It wasn't really difficult, was it? And not expensive either. In principle, you only have to spend money on the styrofoam plate and the foam. You can also buy a ready-made planting cross made of floral foam (e.g. here). You will find the rest in nature.

Here are a few creative ideas to imitate: