Store sugar peas - so they stay fresh for a long time

Store sugar peas - so they stay fresh for a long time

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Sweet peas taste particularly delicious when they are fresh. So that they stay that way, you always have to take some things into account during storage.

It is best to always process sugar peas fresh

Understandably, sweet peas taste best when you prepare them fresh. Like any other vegetable, these legumes quickly lose their aroma. Accordingly, they should be processed as quickly as possible after the purchase. But sometimes this is not always possible. Be it because there is no time to cook or you are simply not hungry. Then it is good to know how to store sugar peas properly so that they stay fresh for a long time.

How to store sugar peas correctly

Ideally, you eat the peas right after the harvest. You can also store them in the fridge's vegetable compartment for two to three days. To do this, put the peas in a plastic bag. You can also wrap them in a damp kitchen towel.

➤ Important:

There must be no tomatoes, pears or apples in the immediate vicinity, as these generate the natural gas ethylene. This in turn ensures that the sugar snap peas get brown spots.

After two to three days in the fridge, the peas are not so tasty anymore, because then the legumes usually get a slightly floury and bitter taste. Therefore always eat fresh sugar snap peas within a week. If you want to keep them longer, you can also blanch and freeze the peas.