Pale miller: photo and description

Pale miller: photo and description

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The miller is pale, it is dull or pale yellow, belongs to the Russulaceae family, the genus Lactarius. The Latin name for this mushroom is Lactifluus pallidus or Galorrheus pallidus.

This mushroom is considered rare and has no special value for mushroom pickers.

Where the pale milky grows

The growing area of ​​the pale lactarius covers deciduous and mixed forests located in the temperate climatic zone. It is quite rare. Mycorrhiza forms with oak, beech and birch.

Fruiting is stable, the active period of which is in July-August. Fruit bodies grow in small clusters.

What does a dull milky look like

A young specimen has a convex cap, which becomes depressed with growth, funnel-shaped and reaches up to 12 cm in diameter. The surface is smooth, covered with mucus, light ocher or fawn.

The hymenophore is plastic with thin, branching in places, plates descending along the leg. Their color is identical to the cap, but with pressure and with maturity, spots of a straw, ocher hue appear, which, when dried, acquire a rusty color. The spores under the microscope are round in shape with hair-like spines. In mass, they are a powder of a pale ocher color.

The leg is cylindrical in shape and reaches up to 9 cm in length and up to 1.5 cm in girth. The inside is hollow, the surface is smooth and has a color similar to the cap.

The pulp is thick, firm, but rather fragile. The cut is cream or white. It emits a large amount of light milky juice, which does not change color in the air, it tastes at first tasteless, then with a slight pungent aftertaste. The aroma is delicate, mushroom. The mushroom itself has a mild pungency.

Pale Millechnik has a dull light fawn color, which is why it got its name

Is it possible to eat pale lactarius

Pale lactic acid mushroom is conditionally edible. It has poor gastronomic qualities, but is quite rich in the composition of trace elements. At first, the taste is tasteless, and then spiciness appears.

False doubles

In appearance, the dull milky can be confused with the following mushrooms:

Collection rules and use

Pale miller mushroom pickers do not come across often. At the same time, it should be understood that the collection of any mushrooms, including this type, should be carried out in places located far from roads and large enterprises.

After picking, mushrooms must be pre-processed. After that, they are only suitable for salting with other species. Fruiting bodies are first pre-soaked for several days, then boiled for 7-10 minutes and only then salted.

Important! If the cooking technology is not followed, the use of pale lactarius can cause an eating disorder.


Pale miller is conditionally edible, while it is noted that its fruiting bodies are rich in various microelements, including iodine, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. But if not cooked properly, the mushroom can cause an eating disorder.

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