Maintaining a coral shrub: Important care instructions for magnificent plants

Maintaining a coral shrub: Important care instructions for magnificent plants

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Coral bushes are actually quite undemanding. You still need some care to grow vigorously and develop beautiful flowers.

Coral shrubs are very undemanding

With good care and in the right location, the coral shrub produces magnificent flowers. In principle it is undemanding, but needs a lot of sun and plenty of water. Then he delights us in summer with up to 20 centimeters long, strikingly shaped inflorescences.

How to properly care for a coral shrub

❍ Get coral bush out of hibernation:

Get the plant out of the cool winter quarters in March. The coral bush does not sprout until late, so you can drive it forward in the room. It is best to place it against a bright window without the blazing midday sun. Water it very little at first so that it gets used to the water again. Now is the right time to repot if the old pot has become too small. This does not have to be every year, depending on the size, repot the coral bush every two to four years. Reading tip: Repotting coral shrub: Step by step instructions.

From May, the coral shrub can then go outdoors. A sunny to full sun place is best. He can then easily stay outside until October. In very mild regions, you can even plant the coral shrub in the garden.

❍ Cut back:

Some gardeners recommend cutting back the annual shoots that have formed on the trunk in autumn. But then it can happen that the approaches dry up in winter and do not sprout again in spring. It is therefore better not to shorten the shoots until spring.

❍ casting:

Water regularly and increase the water intake even more when the coral bush blooms. On very hot days, he may even need water in the morning and evening. Good drainage and proper drainage in the bucket are important to prevent waterlogging. With a mulch layer around the trunk, you prevent that too much moisture evaporates.

When flowering comes to an end, water less gradually. So the coral shrub can adapt well to the completely dry hibernation. Exception: young plants are kept slightly moist in winter.

❍ Fertilize:

In the growth phase, while the buds are being formed, add liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water every two weeks. If the shrub blooms, it should be fertilized every week, then it blooms reliably from June / July to autumn.

❍ Remove withered flowers:

The shrub continuously produces new flowers throughout the summer. Remove the withered flowers regularly. When the faded parts are removed, he has enough strength for the new flowers.