Wintering Magnolia - How To Do It Right

Wintering Magnolia - How To Do It Right

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Magnolias are beautiful and attract everyone's attention in spring. But only if you have hibernated them properly. Otherwise they will probably not bloom.

Magnolias need protection in winter

When magnolia blooms, somehow you automatically start dreaming. No wonder, because the beautiful flowers also look truly fantastic - even if they haven't even opened properly. No matter whether as a hedge, bush or tree - the elegant beauty really captivates every viewer.

To keep it that way, however, you have to put a little effort into it and bring your magnolia well through the winter. This is usually not a problem with older magnolia trees, as they defy even double-digit minus temperatures for a short time in the cold season. The situation is different with younger magnolias. These must be protected from the cold. So you have to take some precautions so that the tree can survive the cold season.

How to properly hibernate magnolias

Wintering magnolias outdoors:

Magnolia trees that grow in the garden must be well protected from winter and cold. It is advisable to fill the trunk with bark mulch, peat or leaves before the start of the cold season or before the first frost. This protects the magnolia against the cold. This warming layer is particularly important for healthy growth in younger magnolias.


Make sure that the tree does not dry out and always has enough water.

Wintering magnolias in the bucket:

If you are holding a magnolia in a bucket or pot, it is important that you bring it in before the frost. However, you should not overwinter the magnolia warmly. She needs it cold. A bright, frost-free, dry and cool room such as an unheated garage or the basement are therefore ideal places to spend the winter. You also have to make sure that a magnolia in a bucket / pot doesn't dry out. So always keep the magnolia moist.