Video: Winterize the pool - for less work in spring

Video: Winterize the pool - for less work in spring

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The bathing season has come to an end. At least you can assume that the pool is not heated. So that you can have a lot of fun with your pool again in the coming summer, it has to be made winterproof slowly but surely.

In this video, a pool expert explains exactly how it works and what has to be done. In this video funds from a certain online shop are used, which of course you do not necessarily have to buy. You will definitely have some things from the pool season at home and you can also order the missing items cheaply from, Ebay or other corresponding online shops. As always, it's entirely up to you.


This video post talks about ice pressure pads. These are small plastic pads that are hung on the water surface. This means that the ice cannot create any pressure at the pool edge. Ice formation can easily damage the pool. You can order these ice pressure pads in sets of 10 for 4.90 euros each, or in sets of 20 for 4.80 euros each.