Freeze spinach - 2 options presented

Freeze spinach - 2 options presented

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If you were able to harvest tons of spinach, you don't have to let it rot. Finally, spinach can also be easily frozen.

Raw spinach must be dry

Spinach in your own garden is a fine thing. Above all, you can even harvest it several times a year. (Reading tip: harvest spinach twice)

But what if the green plants sprout so that the harvest takes over? Then either give away to neighbors, relatives and acquaintances or freeze the spinach.

Yes, it really works. You even have two different ways to freeze it. Once cooked and once raw. The respective instructions can be found below.

Spinach is healthiest when it is raw and as fresh as possible. So try to eat most of the harvest fresh. If the green is slowly hanging out of your neck, then only freezing will help.

➤ Freeze fresh spinach - that's how it's done

If you want to freeze the fresh spinach, you don't need to worry about lost vitamins. They are preserved as well as important trace elements and minerals.


✦ Step 1: Carefully sort out the spinach. Remove withered leaves and very thick stems.

2 Step 2: The spinach should be blanched before freezing. Bitter substances and part of the nitrate remain in the cooking water. When blanching, the spinach is hung in a sieve in boiling water for about two minutes. Then remove the sieve and hold it in ice water for about 10 seconds.

3 Step 3: Now you should let the green plants drain sufficiently, ideally dab with kitchen paper. The more water adheres to the spinach when it freezes, the more mushy it becomes later when it is thawed.

4 Step 4: Now you can decide whether you want to freeze the leaves as they are or whether you want to cut them small.

5 Step 5: Pack the spinach in portions in small freezer bags or plastic cans. So you can later get the spinach out of the cooler as needed. So now into the freezer with the spinach.

➤ Freeze cooked spinach

There was spinach again and the family ties didn't eat up? Then freeze it. Spinach that has already been cooked can also be frozen.

It is extremely important here that you cool the spinach down quickly and then freeze it immediately. Quickly because bacteria convert the nitrate contained in the spinach into the toxic nitrite at room temperature. So it's best to put it in the fridge to cool down and then immediately in the freezer.

Warm up the spinach

It's been a few weeks and you're hungry for spinach again? Let's go. When defrosting, however, you should note that it happens as slowly as possible. So just put the green in the fridge. If you want to puree the spinach, you can also thaw it in the pot and boil it with a little water. Then a dash of cream and puree well.